Thursday, 3 December 2009

"Maria Falie" Conundrum

Blackness, ever-giving smile and cold hands... Prerequisites for a candid art's dream...
Wether it measures consequence of vice, decay of a time-mirrored moment or geometrical shaped symbolism, these tenets of introspection and perception-veiling succomb to a distopic reality.
Whatever confort of interpretation they might offer, there is one paradigm that espies a deeper tonal self-portrayed "drawing". Its characters become enmeshed, entangled and irrepairably abandoned within their own fears, fear of morality to add at least. Uncertainty fuels a proning to error. The error builds and stands resolute for an unheard scream...echoed in a carcass of sin...a cracking to an outside realm, omniscience broken, bent on surrealism, though never provoked entirely!
Chains! Restrictions! Twiddling one's thumbs! Abiding a fissure in the oncarrying hourglass.
Then blackness becomes twilight!
This is her torment!

This is her world!